Welcome to ANEW.

You may be thinking, “Anew what?”

I’m breaking ground on things that do not serve me in a positive manner anymore and building a new foundation and mindset based on unconditional love and bravery. We’re taught to live by our parent’s and the societies standards. It is time we rid ourselves of outdated systems and mindsets that are hindering our growth as individuals and people.

My mission with NATURAL HAIR is to help change the notion that our hair is just a “movement”. I want it to be natural to see a “nappy kitchen” or frizzy edges. Accepting our hair as it is, is the first step. I also desire to help those who have no idea what to do with their hair. I developed an interest in ASTROLOGY over a year ago because I desperately wanted to know what my purpose is here in this dimension. I am a practicing astrologer. I’ll be discussing astrology and how I comprehend it as a whole. WRITTEN WORDS are words that are not spoken but felt deeply. I struggle with conveying emotions how I would like so instead of repressing them I express them through writings. These are words that I’ve written to either clear my mind or to express myself because I was unable to speak my mind due to timing, fear, or inadequacies. PERCEPTION posts are conversation starters for your friends, family, and peers. I love communicating, I’ve realized throughout life that an honest conversation may help you understand someone better if you’re willing to listen to someone else’s opinion/perspective. I will give my opinion/perspective on various topics. Your opinions/perspectives are welcomed. This blog is for everyone. This is a safe and secure place to state opinions and to constructively criticize but to also uplift and encourage one another.

My name is Brittany, I am 26 years old, you can call me Britt, or B. I’m from a small town called Dermott, Arkansas. 870 | Chicot County. I’m very proud of where I’m from it has molded me into the person I am today, Arkansas will always and forever be my HOME.

Although, it is time to transform and transcend to ANEW life.

Posts are in the PURPOSE section. Feel free to comment & share.