Perception, Perspective


What’s your gender?

I often ask people what makes someone a man or a woman. They usually give me a list of characteristics any human being can be. I have also started asking men and women when did they feel like they were a “man” / “woman”. Responsibilities are usually given to determine feeling like a man or woman.

Scientifically a male/man is someone with a penis and a female/woman is someone with a vagina. Referring to people as women and men and placing labels upon them is outdated and it hinders us more than it helps. We do not acknowledge masculinity and feminity as energies people have; we assign labels and that is it.

Femininity and Masculinity are energies.

We have been taught that there are only two genders male/female man/woman and this is simply not true, and we need to accept and embrace that. There are people born without genitalia or with both male/female genitalia. We also have a hard time accepting people who are born with male genitalia but “he” may feel like a woman (vice versa). Most people don’t understand why a “dyke” would dress like a man, but you understand how your society says a man should look and act. They feel like a “man” so now its time to look the part and more than likely that’s how they feel comfortable. Society has made us paint a picture of what a man and woman is and if you do not fit that description you’re considered weird or something is wrong with you.

“You are not a man if you can’t provide and take care of your responsibilities!”

“You are not a woman if you cant have kids or don’t know how to cook!”

Our differences are to show us that our way is not the only way and there are many capabilities. Instead of trying to make people conform and change themselves we need to accept them as they are. There is no right way to be a man or woman.

If we did not manipulate and label people and try to put them in boxes they do not fit in we would be so diverse as people. We are judged and ridiculed by what we label ourselves as. We are stagnant as people because we are not adapting, we are manipulating things so we can stay comfortable and not change.

How do you feel about labels?

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