Natural Hair


I know you’ve heard about Eco Styler by now. I’ve been using this gel since I went natural in 2013 & I have never had an issue. I use this gel for my edges and styling. Everyone’s hair is different. Hair products should be tested just like make-up products because you could possibly be allergic to ingredient(s) in it.

Eco Styler is a heavy gel it needs to be washed out properly. Residue left behind could cause dryness & irritation. Using this gel daily on your edges or anywhere you can’t properly cleanse regularly you’ll receive discomfort. Repeatedly using a product in the same area will cause product “build up”. Build up covering your scalp causes itching due to the scalp not being able to breathe.

It’s important to look at ingredients in all products. I have dandruff and dry scalp issues. I started using Selsun Blue one summer to see if it would help. It didn’t do much of anything but it did clean my hair really good. I wore my hair in twist most of the summer. I’d take my hair down before wash day to prepare & every time I did a few days later I’d get acne under my skin in the middle of my forehead. This went on for the entire summer until I figured out it was the shampoo. After I stopped using it I never broke out like that again. I don’t know exactly what ingredient caused my breakouts but I look at Selsun Blue’s ingredients often so I can be aware of what I should look out for in the future.

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