Natural Hair


I have used all of these oils & they all serve their purposes very well. My favorite oils are EVOO, Jojoba & Castor oil.

EVOO is my staple oil I use it for everything. Jojoba oil is a lighter oil that I also use on my face it’s a great sealant and it’s good for your skin. I use it to seal my hair when Im refreshing it with a liquid leave it.

Castor oil is a heavy oil I started using when I wore wigs because I needed something to help keep my hair moisturized longer in the colder months & something that would also prevent the combs in the wig from causing breakage due to dry hair. I do not use a lot of this oil because a little goes a long way. This oil protects my ends better than any other oil.

2 thoughts on “SEALANTS”

    1. I love olive oil it just gets the job done for me in any occasion. Castor oil is amazing I’ve started using it all year instead of just during the colder months.


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