Natural Hair


There are many things that may cause you to have to change your routine or start a new one.

• If you moved to a different climate. If you’re used to a hot humid environment but you make a move to Chicago the windy city those are two extremely different climates. This could mean major changes in your routine are necessary in order to maintain moisture and to protect your hair

• You got a new job! CONGRATS. You may not have the time to allow your hair to dry for the styles you like or you’re working around food and you need your hair to be neatly tucked away instead of in a wash & go.

• Seasons change. Sometimes our hair can be just like our skin with makeup. When the season changes your hair does too. You may have been used to using jojoba oil all spring and summer but in the fall you may need a heavier oil such as castor oil or maybe shea butter. You may switch out your wash & go’s for wigs.

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