Perception, Perspective


My mother often said “Pain is good, it lets you know you’re STILL alive” Through experiences I’ve learned that pain to me is a feeling, a sensation of some sort. There is always something that CAUSES pain. Pain can be debilitating if we allow ourselves to be consumed by it or if we ignore it.

We would wander through life aimlessly without pain. Pain is a wake up call to let you know (remind you) that you exist in this dimension. Pain is not always apparent because you have to “FEEL” and acknowledge it as such. Emotional and Mental pain can easily be ignored sometimes due to the fact we don’t acknowledge things that cause of emotional or mental pain sometimes because it may make us feel weak or we may feel embarrassed by the cause. Physical pain in some instances can be difficult for some to acknowledge due to becoming numb to a particular feeling (sensation).

Enduring pain does not make you stronger, It makes you wiser. Pain helps you understand what others may be feeling so we can relate and help one another ease the pain and heal. Pain is the key to empathy.

I dislike that people make pain seem like it does not exist, like it’s all in our minds. If pain wasn’t real we’d all be living a fairytale of bliss. It is important to acknowledge pain. If pain is not real to you, you could possibly be living a delusional life harming yourself and others. Comparing pain is not something anyone should do because it’ll become a game of “Who can endure the most pain”. Knowing the cause of pain is important, so you can adjust and ease the pain and start healing.

There is no opposition to pain, pain is..

Pain is what you allow. Don’t ignore PAIN.


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