11:11 (Continued)

After he moved in it wasn’t a fairytale or anything like that because we’re still trying to get over the relationships we were in. This is important because it was not our doing we didn’t plan to be together it’s something that the universe put together because I did not think we’d even be seeing each other again because he was with someone else & I never was sad or wanted to be a friend just to be in his presence to manipulate him to be with me or anything. I let go and let him be.

At this point in the relationship we’re trying to communicate and learn more about ourselves but we are NOT together. We both have debts and karma to clear before we would be able to move forward with our union. I did not start to realize what type of relationship this was until we both got into our unconventional occupations and then we started to plan things together. This is important because twin unions aren’t about the romance & fairytale love endings. It’s about finding your higher self and stepping into your purpose fully. This relationship strips you of all facades so you can be true to your purpose in life with or without your “twin”. You move to a path towards your purpose that’s combined for a bigger purpose to help the collective. This union is serious and it’s not one that’s unrequited. If you have a twin and even if things do not work out you will move forward on your path with or without them to fulfill your purpose.

We are still on good terms this is not a relationship I hold to a different standard than any other relationship I’ve been in because I have extremely high standards and throughout the relationship my standards became even higher because of the self love, and a better understanding about others I’ve gained in our relationship. The outcome of any relationship depends on you entirely you have FREE WILL, just because you have a divine connection or even a spiritual one doesn’t mean you are suppose to tolerate trauma and toxicity. This is a relationship will show you all the toxic things & trauma you have so you can try to heal and welcome a new love into your heart.

This will be my final post about “Twin Flames” because of how it’s seen now people have been calling any and every relationship they’re in a “twin flame” relationship. There is not anything I can tell anyone specifically that can determine if you have a twin. Honestly, you just know, it’s a feeling. For me it’s not anything I can explain with “logic” and I’m a very logical person and that’s one of my lesson my “twin” teaches me .. to be less logical & to feel. This relationship is why i’m making this post now, i’m stepping into my purpose more. If you’d like to talk or have any questions don’t hesitate to message me about it because I understand the “OMG WTF” moments that seem unreal.


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