Natural Hair

In October of 2013 after finishing classes for the day I came to my apartment and told my roommate at the time to cut all my hair off. It was sporadic I didn’t think twice about it. I sat down in the only chair in the apartment and she cut all my hair off. That’s how I “went” natural.

I’ve been natural for almost 5 years. I learned how to do my hair on my own with help from YouTubers such as Naptural85 and Mini Marley. I’ve tried products that have worked wonders for my hair and products that have almost ruined my hair. Throughout the years I have learned about methods and products that all “Naturals” need to acknowledge to accomplish specific “Hair Goals”.

My mission is to teach naturals how to properly moisturize their hair and to maintain healthy hair through personalized regimes. I want to help men and women feel liberated wearing their natural hair despite what the texture and length may be.

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