A warm touch woke me

One spark.

You spoke of dreams, I Froze.

Spark two

as things begin to unfold

another spark flew

My logic went up in flames

in awe, no smoke, no one spoke

Spark four.

My reality was a chore


My dreams lit a fire that set my soul ablaze

no more chores

My dreams are the keys to opening new doors.


A Brush with Death

A Deer

A Red Light



In an instant

In a blink

existence could cease.

Back stories:

A Deer: I was in the backseat minding my business & out of nowhere a deer hits the side of the car i’m sitting on. I’m thankful the deer didn’t break the window or I might not be here today.

A Red Light: One strange unexpected night he ran a red light (BARZ lol) but yeah he ran a red light & Im thankful i’m here today to write poetry about it.

Asleep: She fell a sleep at the wheel. I’m thankful I wasn’t sleep I was looking at my phone & I looked up & we were about to crash. I grabbed the wheel & yelled her name & kept calm. I’m thankful I’m alive.

Cars: all of these near death experiences could’ve ended my life instantly. I don’t own a car & when things like this happen I question whether I should own a car or trust other ppl to drive.

I’m alive and I’m grateful.

Written Words

Chaotic Mind

Thoughts sometimes get lost in thin air, but I ground myself with order.

Needs and wants are two very different things. My thoughts aren’t able to roam free in the breeze, I’m in one mindset pleading, trying to breathe. I want to break free and enter my dreams. Meeting my wants and needs while exceeding my desire for balance…

#Poetry, Written Words

Thank You

Thank you for not caring enough, you taught me how to take better care of myself.

Thank you for ignoring me, you taught me not to ignore my intuition or emotions.

Thank you for being dishonest, you taught me that anything built on a lie can not withstand the truth.

Thank you for not communicating, you taught me how important it is to communicate as well as the importance of listening to what is being said in silence.

Thank you for leaving, you taught me that it is ok to walk away when something becomes too much to bear. It’s ok to be alone. You made me realize I’m never alone when i’m in touch with my soul.

Thank You.