A Brush with Death

A Deer

A Red Light



In an instant

In a blink

existence could cease.

Back stories:

A Deer: I was in the backseat minding my business & out of nowhere a deer hits the side of the car i’m sitting on. I’m thankful the deer didn’t break the window or I might not be here today.

A Red Light: One strange unexpected night he ran a red light (BARZ lol) but yeah he ran a red light & Im thankful i’m here today to write poetry about it.

Asleep: She fell a sleep at the wheel. I’m thankful I wasn’t sleep I was looking at my phone & I looked up & we were about to crash. I grabbed the wheel & yelled her name & kept calm. I’m thankful I’m alive.

Cars: all of these near death experiences could’ve ended my life instantly. I don’t own a car & when things like this happen I question whether I should own a car or trust other ppl to drive.

I’m alive and I’m grateful.